Fundraising Concert, March 2010


March 26, 2010


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Graham, Lauren, Mitch and Micah, four students from the Collegiate (University of Winnipeg), have been working on a Student-Initiated Course in Music, mentored by our music director Frances Seaton as well as Jim Waterous.  As part of their course, they were required to arrange a performance.

The custodian of St. James is Chilean, and had been visiting Chile when it was hit with a severe 8.8 magnitude earthquake, which was quickly followed by a tsunami (February 27, 2010).

In light of this, the students decided to use their concert as a fundraising opportunity: with the funds going to help Chilean earthquake victims through the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. The guests contributed over $200 to this cause.

These are samplings of their performances, with many of the songs performed by Micah, Lauren, and Low Budget being their own compositions!

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